Products specially designed for dyeing flowers and natural decorations.

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The tried and tested products from INTER-COLOR provide you with optimum support when dyeing and preparing fresh and dried flowers, fresh leaf material and fresh grasses in almost all color shades.


You can dye your flowers, plants, mosses and decorations in different colors with the colors from Inter- Color. All colors can be mixed with each other so that you are always on trend and there are no limits to the color design. There are water-based or thinner-based soak paints, dip paints and Erika spray paints for cold or warm application. Let yourself be inspired and look forward to a great color result!

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Would you like to give your flowers, plants, mosses and decorations the right shine or set the scene with glitter and metallic effects? Then you'll find the right thing in our product range!

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Are you connected to nature, but want the color to last a little longer or not rub off? At Inter- Color you will find special preservatives for almost all green foliage, flowers such as hydrangeas or roses, moss pictures and much more.

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Our services

Inter- Color GmbH also offers various services. This includes the dyeing of flowers, plants & decorative items for large orders and the organization of productions in the field of decorative floristry for discount and wholesale orders. Whether for spring, summer, autumn or winter - we work with reliable partners and organize your orders on time and in the best quality.

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The three pillars of sustainability

In order to live in an economically efficient, socially just and ecologically sustainable way, we should use the resources available to us wisely. Although all three pillars are equally important, thanks to the environmental policy debates of the 1990s, resource and climate-friendly management is, so to speak, the original idea of sustainability. As early as 1992, sustainability was internationally accepted as a global guiding principle at the UN "Earth Summit". For some time now, the topic has been getting a breath of fresh air. What does sustainability mean for the individual pillars 30 years later?


No more trees should be cut down than can grow back and no more raw materials should be consumed than nature can provide.


No more products should be manufactured than are needed and everything should be produced as efficiently as possible.


There should be equal opportunities for everyone - in everyday life and at work, for example, but also in the local environment and on a global scale.

Present in the leading centers of the global flower trade

INTER-COLOR is very familiar with the problems of horticulture and floristry and, in addition to the manufacture of special products for the floristry sector, is involved in the systematic development and expansion of the proven product range with the main focus on dyeing and preparing natural materials.

Today, there is a wide range of different perfect products for dyeing and preparing fresh and dried flowers, as well as fresh leaf material and grasses, in almost all shades of color.

Working with INTER-COLOR products means being able to react to fashion and trends in order to enable optimum market adaptation of your products. After all, it is not always possible to keep up with the ever faster changing trends and fashion colors.

Last but not least, the marketing opportunities for the constantly growing area of high-quality dried flowers are many times greater thanks to the use of our special colors and preparations.